Texas Driver’s License (NEW 2024)

Texas Fake ID 2020

Important: We have updated to the new 2021 Template.

Note: Finished Product won’t have “LITFAKES” printed

Our 100% replica Texas Drivers license – completely scannable and guaranteed to get you into ANY club or bar in Texas – or you get your money back!

From Houston to Austin and out to Dallas this Fake ID can be used IN-STATE – no need to make up complicated stories about how you are visiting from Wyoming.

Our Fake Texas DL’s (and Fake ‘Identification Cards’) come packed with ALL  of the security features of the government-issued versions, such as:

  • ‘Variable Rainbow Text’ – the multicolored Date of Birth
  • Fine Line Printing – the super small lines in the background. This requires a super expensive, super high-res printer – which we have invested in
  • Both 1D and 2D scannable barcodes on the back of the card. This is tested before we mail it out
  • Overlapping Data – this is your signature printed over the top of your photo so it’s obvious your photo hasn’t been replaced
  • Official State Hologram
  • Ultraviolet (UV) printing that can be seen by all nightclubs UV scanners
  • Writeable Back – we scan the data into the black back-strip on your card

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