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What Can We Do

We are an American card production company with a factory located in China. Engaged in 3D printing, ID card printing, business cards, student cards, greeting cards, VIP cards, RFID cards, and other personalized customization services. Currently, the main sales markets are the United States and Canada, as also Europe, Australia, and other countries.

  • All U.S. Cards Available
  • Also With UV Light & Holograms
  • Scannable Cards Can be Designed
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Which Cards Can Be Customized


Educational cards focus on students and teachers. Use school colors and security features to communicate and customize access levels. Magnetic strips are often used for lunch shows.


Business and general ID cards often contain brand logos, images and colors. Common security features include barcodes, magnetic stripes, and proximity scanners.


Government cards are commonly used by local law enforcement and municipal workers. Utilize barcodes and QR codes for fast data transfer and custom holographic overlays.


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For inquiries regarding Group Orders and Digital Versions, please contact us. Our team will stand by 724 and commit to providing excellent customer service and will work diligently to offer you the best possible deal.

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