The Newest Released Maine Fake ID.

Description: The Maine License is a rigid plastic card with two barcodes on the back.

Printing Material: The Maine id is printed on a premium Teslin material and bonded together with polycarbonate Lamination for superior results as like all of our other IDs instead of PET.

Term: Expiration up to 6 years after original issue date.

Security Features

Real ID Star added on the top right corner of the ID card with the outline of the state.
UV in the shape of a Moose and spelled out flag-map with “DIRIGO”
The Drivers License Number is a randomly generated and is 7 digits.

Additional Information

Known for its diversity in different crustaceans and seafoods, Maine is a great place to have a relaxed time. Bordering Canada, this beautiful state offers the best of both worlds. Comprising of some fascinating yet welcoming people, this overlooked state shouldn’t be underestimated. Home of the small but welcoming Portland, this cozy state offers more than meets the eye.

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History of Alcohol in Maine:

While by modern norms a welcoming state of alcohol, Maine was the birthplace of prohibition. They were the pioneers in passing the first laws in the country outlawing the sale of alcohol. Passed in 1846 and made even harsher in 1851, the Maine law was born. Nearly a century before the rest of the country. Despite the states best efforts, many bars and saloons remained open. Even after the end of federal prohibition in 1933, Maine still took months longer to let go of their dry status. However, Maine decided to join the rest of the nation due to the boosted revenue via alcohol taxes the rest of the country was raking in. Since then, the majority of Maine has made a complete 180 and has embraced the thought of alcohol, even taking pride in it.

Maine drinking laws:

Since 1987, Maine residents had to be 21 and older to drink alcohol. Maine currently has one of the more lenient laws on when you can purchase alcohol, allowing sales between 5 am and 1 am every day of the week. This gives much more freedom and won’t have you rushing to the liquor store to get your drinks last minute.

Maine drinking culture:

It’s no secret that residents of New England are some heavy drinkers, and Maine is the king of kings. Maine residents are among some of the heaviest drinkers in the United States. Much of Maine’s drinking culture comes from independent breweries trying their best to stand out from one another. This makes Maine one of the most unique places to be to experiment with different brews and drinks alike.

Where do we recommend in Maine?

1. Novare Res Bier Café

Located downtown Portland, this hospitable bar offers some great drinks at a decent price. With both indoor and outdoor seating, you’re sure to fit right in at this cozy location.

2. The Snug
This Irish style pub is home to both great experiences and drinks. Combine that with friendly service and good vibes, this is a place you shouldn’t miss.

Where not to go in Maine:

1. Ruski’s
Although selling some great food, if you’re looking for drinks and a good time, this isn’t your place to go. The service can be dodgy, and it can get pricy quickly.

2. Half Acre Nightclub
This place is small and can get crowded quick. The service is poor, and the DJs are mediocre at best. There may be a line, but we can assure you, it’s nothing worth waiting for.

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