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I have visited both bars, thx for great advice! The places are amazing with dope atmosphere and awesome guys. The bouncers let me in with no questions btw I used 724ID’s ID that worked perfectly for me, thanks for good stuff and fast delivery. I can not miss to mention their support service that reacted instantly. These guys are doin good. 724ID makes the really goood fakes!


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Nebraska is a state of the United States that is located in the Middle West of the country. Also, this state is nearby the Great Plains. The population of Nebraska is about 2 millions residents. The state capital is Lincoln. The largest city of the state is Omaha. The state motto is “Equality before the law” that sounds quite fair and promising.

The legal age is 21, when young people of Nebraska are allowed to start drinking and purchasing of alcohol. The National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984 established this age, which still remains the same. It is unfair compared to European countries, where the age of majority is 18. The American youth can travel to Europe and get into any place out, where alcohol is served freely with their IDs, but not in the U.S. Here, in Nebraska, the modern underage youth should find a way to avoid these alcohol restrictions or wait for their age status. Our company 724IDoffers a variety of fake IDs to help anyone get through legal limits.

Or customers are happy to have their new IDs that are made by our experienced specialists. We provide high quality for our products. We use special equipment and production facilities with combination of high-tech methods to manufacturer high-protected and well-scannable fake identification documents. Our mission is to give underage young people of Nebraska the opportunity to choose their way-to-go by themselves. Most our clients are 16-year-old – 19-year-old students of high school or college. They want to be part of the student community. They want to visit all the nightlife entertainments such as nightclubs, beer bars, pubs, cocktail bars, strip clubs, etc. with no fear of being caught or fined.

The most popular night party places of the state are located in Omaha and Lincoln. If you are about to go to Omaha, we advise you to start from the Wicked Rabbit place. The bartenders of this bar make the greatest alcoholic cocktails forever. Everyone have to taste their perfect cocktails at least once in lifetime! If you are going to Lincoln, check out The Starlite Lounge. This place is designed in the Las Vegas style with dancing and drinking parties on weekends. Don’t forget to take your fake ID, so you do not to get in trouble.

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