Description: The MO License is a Flexible card, the back has a 1D and 2D barcode. The license is valid with our without the director’s signature above the photo.

Printing Material: The Missouri fake id is made using Teslin with PET lamination with the OVD embedded on the inside of the lamination to prevent wear and tear against the hologram.

Term: For people between 21 through 69 years old the expiration from the issue date is 6 years.The license will expire on your birthday which at that point you will need to get a new one.

Security Features

A Ghost image on the bottom right with overlapping data.
Laser perforation of the state abbreviation,”MO” other known as Micro holes
The drivers license number varies from 6-10 digits with a letter in the first or the fourth position.
There is bright green UV of stars and the state seal on the front of the fake id card
A Optically variable hologram that spells out “MISSOURI” on the front of the card

Additional Information

Often overlooked, Missouri is a fantastic little haven that holds a multitude of hidden surprises. Home of the great St. Louis, which is also located in Illinois. Missouri and more specifically St Louis are known for being the beginning of many of the trails to the west and is dubbed the “Gateway to the West” and played a large part in early American westward expansion. St Louis, Missouri birthed the legendary company Anheuser-Busch who went on to create the Budweiser beer which is the world’s largest brewing company, and brews just about every beer you’ve drank. If you want to visit some of the historical bars Missouri has to offer you better find a fake id maker. We guarantee that we have the best fake ids for sale on the market.

History of Alcohol in Missouri

Missouri has always been a powerhouse of wines and spirits since the 1800s. This was in large part to bordering many states that were outright dry or very strict on alcohol consumption, such as Kansas. Kansas went dry in 1881 and this caused many of its residents to cross the border into Missouri to get their fix and smuggle it back home. This made Missouri base much of its economy on Alcohol, which was a blessing and a curse. Fast forward to 1919, The ratification of the 18th Amendment, or Prohibition, devastated much of the economy of Missouri. At its peak, Missouri was the second largest producer of wine in the entire United States. Obviously, prohibition made swift work of Missouri alcohol industry and ravaged it. However, many Missouri residents did not take kindly to this new Amendment and continued to drink at home and bars alike. Even many of the police in the state out right refused to enforce the law and would look the other way at speakeasies and distilleries. In 1933, 21st amendment was ratified, which put an end to Prohibition in the entire country. Residents of St. Louis famously drank many of the breweries dry in less than one day. The economy was quickly revitalized and breweries such as Anheuser-Busch created an impressive number of jobs. Needless to say, Missouri residents have always loved their alcohol and this rings true to this day.

Alcohol Culture in Missouri:

Missouri residents developed a culture of warmth and hospitality around the social aspects of alcohol and heavily encouraged it. From brewing the beer to consuming it at a bar, it has always been something Missouri has taken pride in. A rich history of brewing and vineyards is still alive to this day and Missouri residents love their drinking.

Alcohol Laws in Missouri:

You’ll be pleased to hear that Missouri is quite relaxed when it comes to state laws on alcohol. Unlike much of the country, Missouri doesn’t have any limitations on where alcohol may be sold for off premise consumption. This means that you can get a fifth of vodka at any grocery store or even gas stations. In Missouri, passengers of a vehicle are indeed allowed to have a drink on the go. You are however limited when you can purchase this alcohol. 6 AM to 1:30 AM Monday through Sunday. Missouri is one of the few states to be consistent with off premise sales, especially on Sundays. Missouri amazingly gave up $370 million in highway funds offered by the federal government to allow this. On premise sales share the same timetables. However, in some of the larger cities such as St. Louis, alcohol may be sold on premise sales until 3 AM every day.

Where do we recommend you visit in Missouri?

1. HandleBar
Located in St. Louis, this eccentric little bar offers some fantastic drinks with a welcoming atmosphere with a unique twist.
2. John D. McGurk’s Irish Pub and Garden
While quite a mouthful to say, this place is extremely popular for a reason. Great drinks with an amazing outdoor patio. This Irish style bar is one you can’t miss and is highly recommended you give it a shot.

What to stay away from?

1. The Crack Fox
They do occasionally have some decent live performances, but it however does not outweigh the crowded and cramped layout this place has. It is often very busy and doesn’t have the space to accommodate. Top that off with being quite pricy and you’ll quickly find out why you should avoid this place.
2. Bridge Tap House & Wine Bar
This place does have some fancy foods and wines but is a little preppy and outright overpriced. There are many other great places to check out so don’t waste your time here.

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