Description: Our Michigan fake id has the correct magstripe size on the back with two barcodes. This ID is valid with or without the “REAL ID ” star. Some licenses issued by the DMV also may state, “Not for federal ID”/

Printing Material: The Michigan fake id is printed on a premium Teslin using a Semi Gloss laminate to match the real ID.

Term: The expiration date is 4 years from the issue date,

Security Features

Laser-engraved grayscale ghost image with a tactile birth date above it.
The MO DL number starts with 1 letter and then 12 digits after. It is encoded using the first middle and last name and date of birth..
Has 3 color OVD Hologram on the front of the ID that shines at different angles
There is UV Ghost image and UV DOB on the back of the id.

Additional information

Overlooking the beautiful Great Lakes, Michigan is a very charming state with an intriguing story. Home of the city of Detroit, Grand Rapids city, and of course, the Renowned Michigan State University. Michigan is full of diverse landmarks and offers a wide variety to please just about anyone. If you want to fully take advantage of this great state, you might want a fake identity. We guarantee that we’re one of the best fake id sites you can find.

History of Alcohol in Michigan:

In the mid-1800s, Michigan enacted its first attempt on prohibition, being one of the first states to enact a statewide ban. This attempt at prohibition quickly failed, and ironically made alcohol even more widespread. Fast forward a decade, in the 1860s, Michigan learned from their mistakes and decided against full on prohibition. They instead decided to regulate alcohol with alternative methods, such as hefty taxes and rigorous licensing requirements. In 1918, Michigan once again enacted prohibition, and was a dry state once more. Although the attempts, alcohol continued to be sold and consumed at nearly the same rates. After two years of prohibition in Michigan, the rest of the country followed with the 18th amendment to the constitution. The rest of the United States being dry gave Michigan residents an ironic advantage. Bordering Canada, Michigan quickly became an intrinsic part of the illegal alcohol trade in the entire United States. Accounting for approximately 75% of the liquor that was smuggled into America, Detroit suddenly became the king of bootlegging. Detroit was home of The Purple Gang who worked very closely with the notorious Al Capone to rapidly move this much booze. Michigan became a prime example of how prohibition did everything but stop alcohol. Because of this, Michigan became the first state in the United States to ratify the 21st Amendment, or the vote for the end of prohibition.

Drinking Culture in Michigan:

Michigan clearly led the country in defying prohibition and has held onto that same energy to this day. Michigan residents love a night socializing with friends and family and aren’t afraid to binge drink. In 2020, the average Michigan resident drank nearly 1000 alcoholic beverages in 2020. This is about 18 drinks a week and is well above the national average. Michigan houses the 10th heaviest drinkers in the entire country. So, if you intend on spending a night out, prepare yourself and don’t plan on being shy.

Michigan Alcohol Laws:

When preparing to go out drinking, it’s best to be prepared accordingly. Part of that preparation is being smart about the law. Firstly, the state of Michigan has a monopoly on all off-premises liquor sales. This means if you want liquor, you must head to an ABC store as you won’t be finding it anywhere else. Alcohol can be purchased from 7 am to 2 am, and on Sunday from 12 pm to 2 am. If you plan on boating on the Great Lakes, make sure to remember that being intoxicated while operating the boat could result in a misdemeanor, and causing any injuries could result in serious felonies.

Where do we recommend you visit in Michigan?

1. The Skip
This beautiful bar is extremely popular for a reason. Offering a wide variety of great beers and crafted cocktails. Located in Detroit, this bar is within walking distance of plenty of other bars and is a great place to get your night started

2. Temple Bar
You wouldn’t know from the exterior of this bar, but once inside it is quite the experience. Vintage style bar with some delicious drinks and a wonderful atmosphere. They also have a pool table if that’s your thing.

Where to stay away?

1. Bad Luck Bar
Quite a fancy place but comes at quite the price. There are expensive fancy drinks and there’s overdoing it, and this place overdoes it. We recommend you spend your money elsewhere.

2. The Ghostbar at the Whitney
Antique style bar with some cool décor. This place is however generally crowded and costs to much for the quality it offers. There are better places to go, and you won’t be missing out on much.

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