Michigan Fake ID

Fake Michigan ID Front and Back

On the Front of Michigan Fake ID Template

  • The entire background of the Michigan driver’s license is covered with blue and yellow twisted rope borders. It covers most of the card and is very thin.
  •  The hologram section features the Mackinac Bridge and two instances of the word “MICHIGAN”, located at different positions on the Michigan ID card.
  •  The letters “MICH” are laser-printed on the Michigan fake ID, but they are only visible when the driver’s license is held up to a light.
  •  The ghost image is located on the right side of the card, but the image itself has no background, allowing us to see the other elements of the background.
  •  At the top of the card, there is a blue bridge that runs from right to left. This bridge is the Mackinac Bridge.

On the Back of Michigan Fake ID Template

  • The Michigan address must be displayed on all IDs. There is a magnetic stripe used to verify the license in SWIPE scanners.
  • Two encoded QR codes, which store credential data for READER scanners.
  • The enhanced license has the same features and an additional RFID (Radio Frequency ID).

Security Feature of Fake Michigan ID

  • The front of the Michigan fake ID features a large state seal printed in UV ink. The seal is positioned close to the middle of the card and directly overlaps with the “HEIGHT” text.
  •  The back of the Michigan fake driver’s license features the cardholder’s image along with their date of birth and name.

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The followings are the security elements and steps involved in making an authentic Michigan IDs Card

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