How to Spot a South Carolina Fake ID

Although South Carolina might not be on your mind when you think about drinking, they sure are strict when dealing with any situation where intoxicants are involved. Although fake IDs can sound a bit intimidating, what is life if you don’t take a risk once in a while!

Apart from that, you will be able to drive without supervision any time you want. So if you are the adventurous type looking for a bit of fun then, 724ID will guarantee that your teen years are full of excitement!

Ways To Spot South Carolina Fake IDs

The rise in confiscation of counterfeit Ids in South Carolina is because of the flaws in the fake form which can be provided, and thus resultantly lead you down to identity theft. Some documents such as your birth certificate, passport, and residency must be shown if you want to avail a proper regular license. However, with the right person making a bogus license will bypass these flaws.

Features to Look Out for


In addition to all that, you must keep a few things in mind, when spotting a fake SC ID (or even spotting a fake form), those features are:

  1. The placement of items, such as the image, and other graphics
  2. Must have laser perforated palmetto and moon
  3. UV spiral lines, and the use of fine microprinting on the card
  4. The back must have palmetto, crescent moon, and SC.
  5. It must have a 1D code, which should be followed by a 2D with proper digitization along with proper lamination on the back.
  6. The font used for the address must be the same and must be legible.
  7. You should check for any raised or shiny spots, especially over the “date of birth” or the “Valid Until” dates.
  8. Along with fonts, check for any abnormalities in coloration as well.
  9. The font throughout the ID, as well as the form, must be the same throughout.
  10. Bleeding of the card and form suggests a fake ID.
  11. Any sign of raised spots or ridges on the card itself can mean that the card isn’t legit.
  12. Must contain the proper alphanumeric sequencing of a South Carolina.
  13. The fake Id is also mostly printed on bendable Teslin.
  14. Seals and “3D checks” on the license should look real.

Why are Fake IDs still Accessible in South Carolina?

Majority of the South Carolina residents resort to getting a fake ID just to get some alcohol or gain access to the latest bars. Most of which are underage teenagers. The card itself looks legit, however, if it was put under the proper machine, it would probably get denied.

But if you are certain that, the place you are going to doesn’t use a machine, a normal human eye will not be able to catch the slight disparities in the card. Forgers take a long time to make these fake IDs especially in South Carolina, where drinking and club rules are very rigid.

Fake IDs in Demand at College Campuses

Now if the novelty IDs are made by the students themselves, they can get easily identified, and even arrested. However, don’t fret! Some businesses are earning thousands of dollars, just by 724ID for teenagers, so that they can drink and drive, and thus are good at what they do!

The important thing to note here is that fraudulent IDs in South Carolina are extremely common, as most of the 724ID, thus getting your hands on one won’t be such a novel thing to do anymore.

How to Get Away With a South Carolina ID?

Bypassing off someone else’s ID as their own, teenagers can easily access bars and drive without supervision and at night. By using a bogus ID, one can easily operate a vehicle any time they want. This opens up a few cases of accidents resulting from drunk driving.

However, most of the people in South Carolina are quite tame and the rate of accidents because of intoxication is extremely low. Getting a fake ID can stem from a myriad of reasons, such as having your license revoked. With that in mind, you must have your license made from a reliable place, as that’s crucial to getting an ID that’s as legit as it gets.

Now, although your college roommate can borrow your ID from time to time, 724ID seem to be on a rise! Keeping your real ID on you will ensure that it doesn’t get in the wrong hands, as even if the ID is very close to legit, in the wrong hands it could land you in trouble.

This piece of advice is even more important if you want a 724ID, as the card itself has a ton of elements that any novice forger can get wrong and get you in trouble. The first thing is to find a forger that knows what they are doing, as getting a driver license that contains all the features or at least contains features as close to the features in the real driver license issued by the DMV.

However, you have to be careful, as the authorities have recognized the upcoming threat of fraudulent IDs, making it harder for teens to buy alcohol, or drive without supervision. Thus, whether you have a digital or a physical license, it’s important to know just when to use it and when to not!

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