How Student to get fake ids?

In a college town where party culture is prevalent, underage students can often feel pressured to obtain alcohol. To bypass this restriction, some students resort to purchasing fake identification cards or driver’s licenses to purchase alcohol on their own.

Daniel, a freshman (name and major withheld for privacy), recently went through a complex process to obtain a fake ID.

“When I want to drink, I usually ask an upperclassman to buy alcohol for me,” Daniel explained. “But sometimes it’s difficult to coordinate with them. Having a fake ID gives me more freedom to buy alcohol on my own whenever I want.”

Obtaining the fake ID was a simple process for Daniel. He paid a fee of approximately $80 to $90, provided a photo that met specific requirements (such as a plain light background and taken from the waist up), and provided the desired information to be printed on the card. These requirements were communicated to him through social media.

Obviously, fake IDs are very popular among college students on campus. In this article, let’s explore how students are able to obtain these cards.

Getting the ID

To obtain a fake ID, Daniel simply had to follow a few steps. He placed group order with his classmate and paid a fee of around $80 to $90, submitted a photo that met specific requirements (such as a plain, light background and a waist-up shot), and provided the necessary personal information to be printed on the card. The instructions on these requirements were communicated to him through social media.

When Daniel expressed his interest in obtaining a fake ID, he was approached by a member of an organization he belonged to. While there are various ways to get fake IDs, Daniel believed purchasing from a known individual would be the safest option. Some students have the means to produce fake IDs themselves, but not everyone has access to the necessary materials and equipment. Thus, buying a professionally made fake ID is deemed easier and less risky.

After paying the fee, Daniel had to wait a few weeks for his ID to arrive. Since fake IDs are manufactured in large quantities, a certain number of orders are required before the seller can fulfill them. These transactions are often spread through word of mouth and a lengthy chain of intermediaries. Daniel had no idea where the ID was being made, other than it was being produced out of state.

In the past, having social connections was necessary to obtain a fake ID. However, the landscape has shifted in recent years, and now there are numerous websites where they can be purchased. These sites price IDs based on factors such as the state they’re from – with some being more difficult to forge than others – as well as the quantity being purchased. Payments for these IDs are typically made using either bitcoin or through Western Union, a website that enables buyers to meet with sellers in person and pay them in cash.

The risks

In an effort to reduce the risk of liability and promote responsible alcohol service, most restaurants and bars that serve alcohol require their employees to undergo Licensed Education on Alcohol and Drugs (LEAD) training. This program is available free of charge through the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control and covers a variety of topics related to responsible alcohol service, including checking IDs, recognizing signs of intoxication, and preventing underage drinking.

By completing the LEAD program, small businesses can demonstrate their commitment to responsible alcohol service, potentially reducing their insurance premiums and avoiding costly legal issues. The best part is that the licenses obtained through this training do not expire, making it a worthwhile investment for businesses and individuals alike.

According to Petra co-owner Rammy Aburashed, their establishment catches a considerable number of people attempting to use fake IDs. He believes the attraction is their extensive selection of beers, with 16 on tap and many available in bottles. However, when a fake ID is discovered, it is the restaurant’s policy to contact the police. The staff is well-trained to identify fake IDs, but if an employee accidentally sells alcohol to a minor, they could face a fine of around $5,000. The restaurant takes these regulations seriously to ensure the safety of their customers and avoid legal consequences.

Underage drinking is a common phenomenon on college campuses across the United States. Many students turn to fake IDs to gain access to places that sell alcohol, such as bars and liquor stores. However, some students like Daniel choose to purchase alcohol from other establishments like BevMo or Petra rather than bars.

For Daniel, the risk of getting caught with a fake ID is not worth it when it comes to trying to enter a bar. Bars are known to be more vigilant when it comes to checking IDs and have trained staff who are skilled in identifying fake IDs. The risk of getting caught and facing legal consequences is simply too high for Daniel.

Instead, Daniel opts for places like BevMo and Petra, which sell alcohol but are not exclusively bars. These places still require IDs to be checked, but they may not be as strict or thorough as bars. Daniel believes that buying from these types of establishments is a safer option for him.

The use of fake IDs is a serious issue that can have legal consequences for both the user and the establishment that sells to underage individuals. For this reason, many businesses have implemented strict policies and training programs to help prevent the sale of alcohol to minors. While some students may still try to use fake IDs to purchase alcohol, others like Daniel choose to take a safer approach and avoid places with a higher risk of being caught.


In conclusion, underage drinking is a problem that persists on college campuses, but it is important for students to understand the risks associated with using fake IDs to obtain alcohol. While some may choose to take their chances at bars, others opt for safer options like BevMo and Petra. Ultimately, it is important for all individuals to be responsible when it comes to alcohol consumption, regardless of their age.

If you really want to go to a bar and expand your knowledge, and you need a card to pass the age verification, you must carefully evaluate the card manufacturer through customer reviews, website pages, product descriptions, and most importantly, the seller’s customer service. If a seller cannot even handle pre-sales properly, can you trust them to provide good after-sales service? To protect our pocket money, we must be cautious in choosing a card manufacturer.

Fake IDs in College

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