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herever you’re going and whatever you’re doing, it’s not hard to find out that it’s made even better with drinks. Ready to hit the night life in Delaware? Whether you’re staying home in Wilmington or heading over the border to Philadelphia, you’ll find it instantly becomes more memorable with drinks. There’s reason why Delaware is home of some of the greatest breweries in America.

Delaware State Laws:

As you may know, you must be over 21 to purchase alcohol anywhere in the United States. In Delaware, it is legal to drink under 21 if you are on private land and with “members of the same family”, as long as they supply the alcohol. In Delaware, you cannot purchase alcohol between 1 am and 9 am. So, your night may end earlier than you’d like if you don’t stock up for drinks after 1. On Sunday, sales are legal only after noon to 8 pm. Alcohol also cannot be sold on holidays, so if you’re celebrating, make sure to prepare accordingly. Delaware also does not have a sales tax on alcohol, which is a huge bonus.

Delaware Drinking Culture:

As with many southern states, there isn’t a whole lot to do but drink. Delaware residents aren’t shy of this fact and take full advantage. In 2020, Delaware was the number one consumer of alcohol per capita in the United States. Residents of Delaware love to go out and drink to have a good night and pass time. Whether heading out to Wilmington, historic Dover or hopping borders to Philadelphia, residents are guaranteed to have options.

History of alcohol in Delaware:

Producing high quality ales for nearly 4 centuries now, Delaware is an extraordinarily underrated state when it comes to alcohol. During prohibition, Delaware residents’ thirst for alcohol was not simply quenched. From regular houses, the many farms or even in the middle of forests, bootleg liquor was still being created in massive quantities. In modern times Delaware has been making a name for itself. Home of the legendary Dogfish Head Brewery, who produces the 90 minute IPA which was dubbed as “perhaps the best IPA in America”. It also boasts being the birthing place of the New Castle brown ale, a favorite of many Americans across the country.

Recommended bars in Delaware:

1. Oddity Bar

Where could you go wrong with live music with great drinks and a retro vibe. This place is great for some weekend drinks.

2. The Nomad Bar

Friendly service with occasional live performances. This is a great place to kick back and have a good time. Located in Wilmington, you should for sure visit this one if you’re in town.

3. Jessop’s Tavern

A fresher bar in Newcastle, this place offers a great atmosphere with some delicious drinks. We recommend you give this place a try.

Where to stay away from:

1. Bar XIII Delaware

While popular, this bar doesn’t offer much in variety of drinks and has overpriced, cheap food. We recommend spending your time elsewhere.

2. Hummingbird to mars

More of an old-fashion styled place, located in Wilmington. It does offer some great drinks, but they tend to be pricey. They are also more careful on who they let in and who they don’t. So it’s best you find somewhere else to go.

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