Fake Identification Vs Driver’s License: Pros & Cons

Back then, stealing someone else’s ID or even taking false information to the DMV and getting a driver’s license was easy. Technically, what was rampant then was more of identity theft. For this reason, most US states in the early 1970s required all identification to carry the bearer’s photo. Aside from this requirement, the ID technology improved over the years, making it difficult to fake.

Fake State Identification Card Vs Driver’s License: Which Works Better?

The main difference between real ID and driver’s license is that a driver’s license gives you driving privileges. On the other hand, you can only use state ID cards for identification purposes.

This primary difference extends to other forms of ID besides driver’s licenses like employee cards, credit cards, passport cards, etc. None offers you the right to drive except the driver’s license. The driver’s license requirements include knowing how to drive. You don’t need to know how to drive to acquire a state ID or other identification documents.

However, while the id technology evolved, the need for fakes also changed. Today, most 724ID are teenagers and college students like you who can’t wait until they are 21 to bask in the kind of euphoria that only alcohol can give. Some of the best fake id websites are constantly improving their technology daily to keep delivering products that are invisible to the best fake ID detection mediums.

Fake ID Options: Types of Counterfeit Cards Used in USA

How well you understand the different types of 724ID could make all the difference between getting access to a bar or being shunned. With a proper understanding of the types of ID cards, you will be better equipped to decide which is best to serve your needs. Some IDs are easier to use for particular purposes, and your chances of not getting caught may depend on getting the appropriate fake.

The first thing you need to know is the individual states of the US issue identity documents. At the moment, there is no official national identity card. However, the driver’s license, social security card, and United States passport card serve the roles of national identification documents.

1. Fake Driver’s License

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in each state issues a driver’s license as a mandatory requirement for anyone who wishes to drive. It is the primary identity document for most adults in America and the only acceptable document you can use to verify your driving privileges.

It serves as an official document for identity and age verification. For this reason, a 724ID is a good tool for teenagers like you who need to access age-restricted products like alcohol and cigarettes.

The state-issued driver’s license ID is the most common identification badge, especially among college students like you. Many teenagers use it to access bars and clubs and buy booze for private parties. Due to its frequency of use for such purposes, many bouncers, and bartenders don’t give it more than a glance before they let you through.

This quality makes the driver’s license ID card a good option when you need a counterfeit ID to enable you to indulge your appetite for drinks.

Regardless of the state that issued the driver’s license, it is recognized as a valid document in all states. This interesting fact makes faking it a fantastic ID choice when moving to a different state for school. Due to its national acceptance across the US, the driver’s license is often seen as the de facto national ID.

Getting the best fake driver’s license makes is all you need to start creating the memories you have only dreamed about. You will have the option to choose from the best fake id states and ensure that your chances of getting caught are reduced significantly.

2. Faking State Identification Cards

Aside from the driver’s license, each state also provides state IDs for its citizens. The DMV of each state also issues this type of identification. You will find this ID valuable, especially if you do not drive and need to verify your identity or age to access some services.

After the driver’s license, the state ID is the next most popular type of fake ID for college students. Like the driver’s license, bouncers come across it typically and would not give it as much attention as they would devote to scrutinizing other identifications that aren’t common in clubs.

Each state has different standards for its cards. The authentication features also vary. For this reason, some state IDs are easier to fake than others. This difference also plays a role in determining the cost phony ID makers charge for them.

Like the driver’s license, you can use the state ID for age verification in another state. This feature makes it convenient for you to access alcohol when you’re in another state different from the issuing state.

Note that it is often more difficult for bouncers to tell if your ID is a counterfeit if you use one from a different state. Bouncers are less likely to know the validity features of other states’ IDs than the one in which they operate.

3. Fake Passports: Not a Wise Option

Unlike the driver’s license and state IDs, the US Department of State issues the passport. The passport is one of the least popular identifications of all the different types of government ID cards. The reason is that while many US citizens want to drive, not many have reasons to travel abroad.

The passport ID page is another document you can use for age and identity verification in bars and clubs. The passport ID and barcode page make it a valid document for this purpose. However, passports are not often used as IDs in such places, making them unsuitable as a tool to pursue your cravings for age-restricted products.

For this reason, a bouncer may spend more time scrutinizing the document, which is exactly what you don’t want. The passport is seen as a US national ID card, like a driver’s license.

The US passport card is another portable identification document. It is used mainly as a national ID for citizens traveling outside the country. You can use this document to gain access to bars. However, making a counterfeit for you will attract the unnecessary attention you don’t want when you use it.

3. Various Identification Cards Counterfeited in USA

There are other types of ID cards in the USA besides the driver’s license, state ID, and passport. Most of these IDs serve the same purpose of identification. However, you may not qualify to have some of them, and getting a fake, no matter the quality, is a sure way to ask for trouble.

Some of these IDs include:

  • Military ID Cards: A big NO NO! – The military ID cards are issued to every member based on their status. Also, employees of the department receive IDs. The military ID cards are valid forms of identification. Getting a fake may not serve your need since bouncers know that most college students are not in the military. It doesn’t matter if you made the best quality since no bouncer will believe a teenager who claims to be in the military. Depending on the circumstances, the punishments could range from payment of fines to a jail term when you get caught.
  • Employee identification: Staff of various businesses, state, and local governments receive IDs that can be used to verify identity outside the workplace. However, when getting a fake ID for bars, an employment ID may be useless to you for many reasons.
  • Student ID Cards: Aside from the fact that you are only a student who doesn’t work for any government, some of these IDs can’t be used for age verification. Also, they are not accepted as valid identification cards everywhere. Your chances are even slimmer if you have an ID from a private company.
  • Secondary identification papers: This group of documents is not IDs but documents you can use to apply for valid IDs like a driver’s license. An example includes your birth certificate. Don’t even bother taking anything like this to a bar. No bouncer will allow you into a club with this kind of identification.


There are different forms of virtual identification in the US. The good news is that bars, clubs, and dispensaries haven’t invested in them as a tool to keep you away from your cravings.

Artificial intelligence biometric identification has become quite popular in some industries like banks that require high security. Also, search strings like, what is eID card, have become popular online.

While using e-identity cards would make accessing alcohol difficult for teenagers if adopted by bars and clubs as a verification medium, you can trust innovative fake ID makers to find a way around it.

Over the years, history shows that technology keeps improving both ways. The 724ID card services will find the loopholes and ensure you’re reunited with alcohol.

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