Welcome to WWW.724ID.COM​

Welcome to WWW.724ID.COM

This is www.724id.com,We offer 24/7 online support to ensure that your questions can be resolved at any time. So we called:”724”.As we know, there are 7 days a week and each day has 24 hours. We are dedicated to ensuring that their customers are satisfied and that their products are working properly.

We are completely trustworthy, reliable, and legitimate websites to buy ids online.

We can do our best in all of these aspects. This sentence could be revised to “In addition, we have top-of-the-line technology and excellent services. We will continue to provide more diversified designs and professional services. Our goal is to demonstrate to our customers the excellence and responsibility of our technology. We prioritize the needs of our customers. You can trust us every time.

                                                                                                                      (The 724id.com has a high quality)

Many people had experienced being cheated, so they will be more cautious in this area. Before you place your order, you must have many questions about us and our products. We have thousands of orders every day it’s no need to scam. We will send the preview photo to you after production by email. And the tracking number also will be sent when it’s shipped.

As I said, we have a long history and excellent technology, they can be the top in this area. We have been immersed in the fastest update ids and have been upgrading our technology. To ensure that all scannable IDs can pass all security tests, we use the highest-tech printing methods, All novelty IDs are checked multiple times before they are shipped.

Our novelty IDs have been upgraded to the latest version to 100% pass the latest US 2022 scanning and testing equipment, technology, and capability that only a few vendors have worldwide. We will not use poor materials or low-grade technology to make your products in order to earn your money, which will only upset our conscience, damage our reputation and put our customers at risk.

We use some of the best quality materials, and the best technology, just to provide the best products to our customers. Also, our cards 100% can be scanned, We never let any customer down. This concept has continued from the past to the present and will continue into the future. You can feel that with us together. By the way, how to avoid being scammed?

1、Contact us to confirm your order.

2、Watch the sample video

3、See if there is a privacy package delivery

4、Make sure the online payment is secure.

Anyway, if you have some problems or questions with your order, please contact our 24-hour online human customer service. They will be there anytime if you need them. And they will help you to solve your question as soon as possible in time.

If you’re new in this area, and you need to place your order but you dont know how to operate it:

1、You can click the “ORDER” at the top of the page.

2、Then choose the product you need to buy, you can see a wide variety of products including 26 different states.

3、After you choose the product you want to buy, click “Order now”.

4、Then you just need to fill in some basic information such as the basic info for making ids、your shipping info、then finish the payment.

After that you just need to sit in your home and wait for the package, it usually takes nearly a week. If you have some urgent situation, you can ask our customer service for help. We definitely do not waste your time. If you still don’t understand how to buy, you can click the button which stands for “Need helps? Chat with us!”.Our customer service will be 24 hours always be online.

Also, if you dont know how should you take a perfect picture of a fake id, you can follow the step where the websites FAQ list you, And If you are not sure about the features of our products. Maybe a different state is different. If you want to use it to open a bank account or use it in the airport, most customers feedback that can be used, small part said cannot use. But it also depends on the state just like I said. If you are still confused about that, you can ask our customer service for help.

We have a price list on our page:

1、if you need one, the prize is 120$.

2、Maybe you need 2~3 cards, the price will be lower, It’s 90$ each.

3、If you pay your order of 10+ cards, the price will be as low as60$ each.

If you are interested in it, you can check out our page. And you have to pay first. Because the digital photo can be used. It can’t be paid when it’s done. Because we need to make sure you want to buy it and you are not playing with us or you’re our peers. So it’s necessary to pay first. Besides, if you compare our prices with another website, you will find that our prize isn’t the cheapest one, but it’s not the most expensive. Because we need to make sure every product has good quality, so we use good materials which the cheapest couldnt give you. At the same time, even though we use good materials and we have the best service, most of our consumers are students who can’t afford to pay too much, so we don’t put a very high price on it, we hope to offer you some excellent product which has a high quality and affordable price so that everyone can chase the life they want to have and they dreamed.

Our platform supports a wide range of payment methods:

  1. Credit/Debit Card
  2. Bitcoin (Same for USDT)
  3. Bank Transfer
  4. Western Union
  5. Venmo
  6. Zelle.

You can choose the way you like! We do not personally process monetary transactions. 724ID has delegated payment-related services to third parties. In order to provide a better service and all the functions required for this dedicated operation.To guarantee a secure and professional service in terms of all quality standards required by the market. Your credit/debit card payment information is only used for monetary transactions in the payment process. It is done through a secure server and no one will have access to your payment information. 724ID cannot access and does not store information related to your credit card. The associated services are managed by stripe to ensure the security of you and 724ID. The processing of payment and personal information is taken very seriously in order to ensure that you do not use 724ID for any purpose unrelated to its own business areas and interests. With discreet shipping and a private, anonymous payment method, you will not receive any type of potential harm

(This is the bad quality cards which those cheapest website will provide you .It’s PE film has a large and obvious cracks)

As a consumer, you must be very concerned about the logistics

Our shipping speed :(For reference only)

1.3 weeks for free shipping、

2.2 weeks for fast express、

3.10 days for fast making and fast expression.

It means that you can choose fast making and fast express if you are in an urgent situation.

And how long is the shipping?

1.12-15 days for free shipping

2.6-10 days for fast express. Free shipping is USPS. Fast express is FEDEX. If you need to track the logistics of your shipment, we will send you a logistics number. The logistics will update 72 hours later. Our factory is in China, and the shipping needs to pass customs, there may have some situations it may be happening, but we still have good solve problems that make you feel good. For example, if your product is detained by customs.We’ll redo it for you. But we have this problem extremely few. You can also choose your plan depending on your needs. You don’t need to worry about the time will delay because we can receive a lot of urgent orders. And our product will be made in 5~8 days. We will send the preview photo to you after production by email. When you find out there is something wrong with the sample, you can find us, but actually, we won’t have this mistake unless the info you fill in has something different. And there may be something special situation, such as you think the time you waiting for It’s too long and you don’t need it anymore.The card is made if you insist on to refund that can only get $60, The card is shipped if you insist on to refund that can only get$40. You can also choose the fast-made and fast ship when you have a super emergency.For urgent orders for priority processing, please contact us! We want you to receive the product sooner than you do.

(Our product can be scanned everywhere)

If the product has already started shipping and you haven’t received it yet, you can call the USPS/FedEx hotline to ask what’s the problem. Because the shipping problems. They are more professional than us. And if you have something special needs, such as some states have different races, you need to remark it or contact our customer service. You also have any special needs in the production process, such as you need to do glossy instead of matte, or have a special number to add on the card or even your picture needs, you can get the results you want by communicating with our human customer service.Because if you do not tell us your special needs in advance, it is very difficult to modify the product if it is not what you expected.Even for SSN, if you don’t tell us the number you specify, we will make your SSN number randomly.And we also worry about tha you will missed your fake ids,so every customers who place their order in our website,we will provide them a copy.It means that you place one order,but you will get 2 cards.Even the group orders,If you pay for an order of ten,you will get 20 cards(including 10 copies),and you still can get a disount as low as $60 per card.And you need to cofirm your address when you place your order,because if your product is shipping,we can hardly change your address.We will only provide a new ID if our novel ID does not meet your requirements or if we detect any mishandling.So far, we have a satisfied customer base of thousands of subscribers and have never experienced any problems when it comes to our quality.If you do not receive the expected product, we will provide a refund.Also,because of this kind of product is very private and needs to be well protected so that no one can scan it or find out this is a fake ids.We have a  card holder to prevent being scanned and the sticker that shields the scanning instrument which means that you don not have to worry about your package during the shipping.The courier or your mother who receives the delivery will not find out that it is a fake ids, they will only think it is a New Year’s card sent to you by your friend from somewhere else.When you recieve your product,after you unpacked the card holder and peeled the sticker,you will see your excellent product from us.In addition to this, if you have any questions about the quality of our cards and the degree of bending, you can ask our customer service in the first place.Whether it’s a uv problem you’ve found, or you think the bend is bad, many you think the thickness of this card is wrong, please take a photo or video and send it to our customer service.We will give you an answer as soon as possible and propose a solution that we can all accept.If it is really our problem, we will not run away from it, and will bravely admit our mistakes and actively solve the problem. But these quality problems have never appeared on our website since our website set up.

In conclusion.Over the years, history has shown that technology is advancing on both fronts. The best fake ID services will find loopholes and ensure you are reunited with alcohol.And it’s hard for you to find a website which has a good service,high quality product and fast speed.Luckily,we have everything you need, and we can confidently say that we are the top leading presence in this industry, so you don’t need to be afraid of being cheated, and we are also straightforward to question because we believe that a good product is not afraid of any questioning.

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