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For teenagers in their adolescence, a scannable ID is a true Christmas gift from the gods of alcohol and fun. Perhaps you could try convincing your older siblings to lend you their IDs, but, of course, you might face rejection due to mismatched photos. There’s a more convenient option – customize your exclusive scannable card through a reliable online platform. A reliable scannable card is not only useful for joyful moments but also essential if you plan to attend significant events, concerts, or spring break with friends. Scannable cards will help you break through age restrictions. No one wants to attend Miley Cyrus’s concert as a minor because you’re not yet 21, and you don’t have a scannable ID. I think this might be the true definition of resourcefulness.

If you don’t want to spend such a dull New Year, the first method is to find someone very similar to you and persuade her to share her identity. This may be the most cost-effective method, but in practice, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. After all, the chance of finding someone similar is only 30%, and the chance that she would be willing to lend you her ID is only 1%.

Pick someone with similar defining characteristics to yours. A real-life sibling works well if you’re lucky enough to have a biological older sister of the correct age. If not, you can still get away with someone who looks somewhat like you. Hair color is the least important because you can always argue it was dyed. The eye color is huge. Greens, blues, and hazels can usually get a little more leeway, but if you have big brown Bambi eyes and are using Tiffany’s ID and her eyes are turquoise, there’s a good chance a bouncer will notice that. Height is also a good one to stick close to — I briefly used an ID that said I was 5’8” when I’m barely five foot, but that is not something I’d recommend. Heels will help you here. If your scannable says you’re a few inches taller than you are and you’re in wedges, you’re golden.

The next step is getting the ID from somebody. Ideally, she’s older than you (but not too much older, you don’t want an ID that says you’re thirty) graduating soon, and isn’t a celebrity at the local bar scene. It’s hard to have someone scannable who all the bouncers know.

Be nice about it. A scannable is a privilege, not a right. This girl is permitting you to steal her identity. I asked an older girl in my chapter, a really sweet person who had green eyes and was two inches taller than me, AKA my match made in scannable ID heaven. She agreed to go with me to the DMV and get a new ID made, claiming she lost her old one, so she could then pass on that old one to me. I brought her coffee and a muffin, made the DMV appointment, and went along to keep her company, as well as paid the fee for having a new ID made. Make it as easy on that girl as possible. Anyone willing to go to the DMV for you is a champion.

After these steps have been taken, a new ID will be mailed to the girl whose identity you’re stealing borrowing, and she can hand over her old ID to you. The following are the necessary steps to use your scannable successfully and avoid having it taken away by the cops. You want to get as much usage out of your scannable before you turn twenty-one, and that isn’t always easy. Honestly, there are plenty of times the bouncer will barely glance at your scannable, but when you’re up against a stickler, you need to be prepared. Here are some tips on how to be smart about using your new identity in the real world.

Side note: Whatever you do, don’t pay some random sketchy person to make you a scannable California ID with your real photo and name on it. In my experience, you’re better off using a genuine ID that technically belongs to someone else than attempting to create a scannable one. There are too many ways for security to spot issues. Feel free to disregard the advice below and try it if you want, but when you find yourself in handcuffs outside the bar, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Tip 1: Memorize the Information on Your Card.

You should be able to effortlessly recall details such as your address, middle name, and scannable date of birth on your ID. I used to self-test before gatherings, ensuring that I could remember this information even when genuinely intoxicated. If a security personnel asks for your postal code, it’s best to be able to answer correctly, no matter how many drinks you’ve had.

Tip 2: If possible, get an old debit card, credit card, or student ID from the girl who scans your ID.

Having a second form of identification is the most convincing way to prove to skeptical security that you are indeed Connie (or someone else). Personally, a student ID is my favorite as it also comes with a photo, but an expired debit card works well too. Security won’t check the expiration date on the card, just the name, and you’ll be good to go.

Tip 3: Avoid the bar in your town that always insists on scanning your ID.

I assure you, there’s always that one bar, and you better know which one it is. Scanning your ID doesn’t make you invincible. Be cautious when choosing to use it.

Tip 4: The more friends you know, especially those familiar with the bouncers, the better.

Two words: No waiting. When you’re on good terms with the bouncers, you can walk straight to the front, and most of the time, if you’re friends with a few girls, they might not check the IDs of the whole group. Having a scannable ID with you can be helpful because you might not need to show an ID at all.

Tip 5: Know your scannable star sign.

Well, you might find this advice incredible. But please believe, bartenders love to open up conversations with their regular customers using such topics. Similarly, they also use this method to test if the intoxicated girls know their star signs, thereby checking if their birthdates match the ones on their IDs.

Tip 6: Remind your friends before using the scannable.

If the bouncer is scrutinizing your ID, and your friend suddenly blurts out the wrong thing, habitually calling you by your real name, you might find yourself awkwardly wishing for a mouse hole to crawl into.

Tip 7: Use your borrowed scannable with caution. 

Don’t underestimate this advice. If you’re just looking to buy a bottle of beer right now, consider using the scannable as a last resort and explore other options first. If you can find an upperclassman or an adult friend to help you buy the beer, that’s the best way, rather than risking the challenging borrowed scannable. Unlike bars, stores have brighter lighting, and store owners are more likely to notice discrepancies between your appearance and the information on the scannable. Be cautious; getting caught in a store is one of the most embarrassing things, and let’s hope we never have that day.

If you find this process too cumbersome, you can ask friends on campus if they have ever purchased a custom scannable driver’s license. After all, remembering someone else’s information completely is quite challenging, especially for intoxicated young people. If there’s a scannable driver’s license manufacturer who can customize details like your birthdate, height, weight, and even the issue date according to your preferences, it could be a viable option. The difference is that these manufacturers adjust the age on the card to 21. Cards produced by these manufacturers almost have the anti-counterfeiting elements that genuine cards should have, making them difficult for ordinary bar bouncers, unless they are FBI, to distinguish.

Choosing a reliable card manufacturer is crucial, and we can assess the credibility of the business from various aspects, such as word-of-mouth recommendations from friends, online reviews on the merchant’s website, and the professional capabilities of the merchant before you make the payment. It requires scrutiny from various perspectives.

Follow each of these steps and you’re guaranteed to have the best possible time using your scannable successfully. A little confidence never hurt, either. Walk up to that bouncer like you’re the shit and you belong in that bar, and he’ll start to believe it. Just don’t fuck it up. Cheers to you, my friends, and may the odds be ever in your secretly-underage favor.

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