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AIESEC is a student internship organization. They help college students find networking and internship opportunities. Lisa attended one of their information sessions at a university in the UK. She wants to apply for an internship with a large technology company in California, USA.

Rachel is a final year student at the same university. She has just had a six-month internship in the R&D department of a large technology company in California, USA. She got this internship through AIESEC.

My experience has been particularly helpful. Unlike most internships, I was given real responsibilities to handle and take charge of from the very beginning. This definitely gave me a sense of ownership of my tasks, as well as factual and experiential knowledge of how to manage human resources in an adult world.

One of the skills I most appreciated was the ability to “speak company”. I learned how to sell my ideas from a practical business implementation and improvement perspective, which is an important communication skill when working in a 2,500+ person branch of a larger company.

The lesson: If you want to make a change, you must have a clear reason for it and a clearer implementation plan, timeline, responsibilities and success metrics to make it work.

Engaging with different backgrounds allows you to understand different work realities and markets. the FAKE ID card shows you the myriad of possibilities the world has to offer, in areas you hadn’t even thought of; and helps you connect the dots and the dots with people! that set a clearer path to achieving your personal and professional goals.

I firmly believe that diversity is the key to enhancing innovation in business, and every day I experience firsthand how it allows me to see things from a variety of unexpected perspectives.

Finally and most importantly, have an A3fake id when you go for an internship in the U.S. If you are under 21 years old, an 724IDwill make for a more interesting experience.

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