Digital Driver’s License: The New Plastic Identification

The world is moving briskly towards digitization in every field. Rapid response to every question is what digitization is all about. For driving, the Digital Driver’s License is the way forward for future generations. 

A digital license will allow citizens to move freely without having the hassle to carry a plastic identification card. Many states in the United States are heading towards utilizing this technology. 

A digital license will showcase the driver’s personal information protected by the system and not shared with anyone. The data stored will include the name of the driver, address, phone number, email ID, PIN, and other details.

The objectives of digital licensing include protection from fraud, minimization of unlicensed driving, and a decrease in traffic on the road due to fake licensed drivers. It will also increase online payments, and the state government will save money, previously spent to make plastic cards.

Fake IDs: A Major Security Threat?

One of the significant reasons for not using plastic identification is the holder’s information security. Plastic ID is often used or carried from one person to another for various reasons.

There is a high possibility of personal information getting leaked. With digital licensing, however, citizens will be able to safeguard their data and avoid the risk of getting things leaked.

Many fraudsters in the market 724ID cards. But with an environment where everything is digital and registered in a database or system of the state government, the chances of counterfeit identification will be a bare minimum.

According to a study, the chances of a digital license getting hacked is very low; the whole system of a digital license will implement a full-proof database that will protect the driver’s information.

Police, while asking for a license from the driver, will not be allowed to hold a phone. This law will help avoid any chances of hacking or misuse of data. It is challenging to forge an electronic document as data is saved in one small chip, hence the possibility of information hacked is minimal.

One of the most consequential and vital differences between a digital and plastic identification is the flexibility to update data. For instance, a change of information, like an address update on a physical license, will only be possible once the card expires.

The plastic card can easily be replicated, even with multiple security features on it. However, if the license is digitized, it will become nearly impossible to make fakes.

Louisiana Tests Digitized Identity Cards

When the whole process is digital, the driver can change the information anytime he wants to without waiting for his card to be expired. The data will also be updated more often to avoid the possibility of tampering or fraud.

724ID to its citizens. After Louisiana, around 12 other countries followed and created a database to move towards digital licensing. The technology and its application are available on Google and Apple free of cost; however, the citizens have to pay a small fee (one-time) of $5.99 for activation.

The government of Louisiana has made an app that will alert citizens every time their data has been accessed. No one without his/her permission can obtain/view the data otherwise. Even a government official needs to have a valid reason to see the data.

The government has instructed that the driver must charge his/her phone before leaving the house so that they can show their license if needed.

94% of adults under the age of 30 in the United States of America use a phone, which is one of the reasons that the response of several states has been positive towards digital licensing. AAMVA

The report adds that when the implementation started, there was a noticeable drop in the number of cars on road and accidents recorded.

Many politicians of these states called this revolutionary and game-changing. This kind of interest from politicians and leaders helped educate youth on the benefits of a digital license. 

A police officer validating a digital driver’s license in this undated photo.

The whole idea behind it is the vision of ‘evolution.’ Everything is in the palm of your hand, and a click away. The Digital license will not just be used for proving your identity as a driver; it will also help the citizen in other ways. For instance, they can confirm their identity at banks or while signing digital contracts. 

The work of converting it into reality is under process. A survey was conducted to oversee the views of American citizens regarding Digital licenses. 

America’s Opinion on Digital Licenses

It said that every American was keen to know whether this identification will work in restaurants, bars, and airports.  

A government official answered that they are working on making this possible, but it will take time.

Another question that was asked by many people was about the possibility of the application crashing. What if the application crashes and they are unable to show their identity in a particular situation? What will be the alternative for them? Whether they will have to carry a plastic identification along with a digital license or something else?

Another state official, while replying to the query, said that the application, in the beginning, will have both good and bad days like any other application. The authorities responsible for checking the identification will be cooperative and fully aware of the problems a person can likely face.

He added that police and any other authorized person who will ask for an ID would be taught what he needs to do if the driver’s digital license application is not functioning. He concluded that the entire idea was about empowering people and giving technology in their hands so that little faults can be taken care of by the authorities.

The official also said that they have been developing a system that will help transform physical identification cards into digital licenses for five years. Alongside development, there is a keen focus on ensuring the safety of the digital license and the government database. All cyber threats are being taken into consideration.    

For instance, the application which is used to show license is protected by firewalls. The QR code, which upon scanning will show that the ID is authentic, will disappear shortly after confirmation on the screen, this way, there won’t be any copying of data, and it will reduce the chances of hacking. 

The citizen will be alerted if someone suspiciously tries to access their personal information. Users will have the option of changing their passwords so they can also avoid any mishaps.

Plastic identification in 2020 is like using landline when you have smartphones. The United States is calling it a game-changer in the field of digitalization and is working rapidly towards its implementation. The USA has around 52 states, which will be converted into digital licensing soon. Currently, some of the states are in the trial process. 

Looking at the positive response from the public and data from researches suggesting that this will break down the fake ID card mafia, the government is highly motivated. 

This digitization also means the conversion of the paper economy into a data economy. It will be convenient for holders; it will also make the work of law enforcement agencies easier. Identification will become a lot easier without any FLAG or FEAR systems. It will give many privileges to drivers and ensure their safety on roads. 

Presently, the United States is investing billions of dollars in the project of digital licensing. With the help of this system, the country’s primary purpose is to effectively combat the black market, which will give a massive space to real investors in the market. The US government also thinks that this project will help them ensure road safety as fake licensed drivers won’t be allowed to drive anymore. 

One of the significant reasons for calling it a game-changer or investing heavily in it is the future of public service modernization. Documents, payments, online signature everything will be done through online platforms. It will eventually change the dynamics for entrepreneurs. 

With this, it can be concluded that a digital driver’s license can easily replace plastic identification.  

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