Description: The CT License is a Flexible plastic card, the back has a 1D and 2D barcode. The license must have a Connecticut address and not an out of state address.

Printing Material: The Connecticut fake id is made using Teslin with PET lamination to replicate the texture and feel of the ID. It has a total thickness of 27mil to match the real license.

Term: Current issued Connecticut licenses have a 5-7 expiration for original issued licenses. If the license is a renewal than the expiration is 6 years from the issue date.

Security Features

A Ghost image with over-lapping laser perforation in the shape of a whale.
The UV consists of wavy lines, an airplane, a whale and an outline of the USS Connecticut submarine on the front.
The drivers license number is 9 digits unspaced. First two are encoded with a DOB.
The back of the ID has a UV Ghost image
3 Color OVD hologram on the front of the ID card in the shape of a flower

Additional Information

Ready to take advantage of being part of the pioneers of great brews, New England? Find out why New England is so famous for partying, beer, and much more. home of the classic Samuel Adams brewery, it doesn’t take a whole lot to find yourself surrounded with alcohol. Whether it’s Boston, New york, Long Island, or New Jersey, A Connecticut Fake ID will get you connected into more than you can even imagine.

Connecticut State Laws:

Obviously, you must be over 21 to drink in the United States, no matter where you are. Restaurants and bars can only serve alcohol from 9 AM to 1 AM on Monday through Thursday. So, if you aren’t planning your night to end early, stock up on booze. Fortunately, on Friday and Saturday, they are able to extend the night to 2 AM like much of the country. Alcohol can be bought between 10 am to 5 PM on Sundays in Connecticut. It must be noted that clerks and bartenders can deny service from anyone who they think is too intoxicated at any time, so learn to handle your liquor if you don’t plan to leave early.

Drinking Culture in Connecticut:

Right next to New York, and part of New England, it is no secret that Connecticut residents love to drink and party. Although northerners love their fancy cocktails and mixed drinks, they know how to make a night memorable, and aren’t afraid to get dirty with shots and beers.

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History of Alcohol in Connecticut:

Ironically, going back to 1854, Connecticut passed a statewide prohibition law many years before the entire US did. Although inconsistently enforced by law enforcement, the law was officially repealed in 1872. Since then, Connecticut has been a pioneer in crafting beer and alcohol alike. While the ABC store may be closed on Sunday in much of the United States, Connecticut allows liquor sales on Sunday. Since 2012, Connecticut has allowed residents to purchase liquor on Sundays. This puts them ahead of many of the archaic, religious dry laws that hold many other states prisoner.

Where do we recommend in Connecticut?

1. Pigs Eye Pub

Located in Hartford, this bar is known as the best of the best. They offer a wide variety of delicious drinks and a great atmosphere. This is a more laid back environment and shouldn’t offer any trouble to take advantage of your fake ID.

2. Club Vandome
Offering several rooms with different vibes and music in each, it’s hard to not enjoy a night here. Boasting great decor, this place will surely give you the night of your life. Be ready to spend a bit more, as it can be pricy.

What to stay away from?

1. L bar
Although very popular, this bar is one to stay away from. A highly trained staff is more than likely to double check your fake id. Consider yourself lucky however, as they are known for overpricing just about everything.

2. Comix Roadhouse

While offering good drinks and live performances, you would be lucky to get through here without risking someone taking a second look at your fake ID. It’s best to take your money elsewhere. With all the great bars in Connecticut you won’t be missing out on much.

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