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Available Cards

-Number: 12 digits at this time. Each is uncoded and unspaced.

-Pattern: The DMV’s current design validates 724ID.

724ID Driver’s License, Fake North Carolina Driver’s License Validation of the a fake driver’s license:

  • Laser-engraved text; two overlapping ghost images (one in full color and the other in grayscale); and a tactile birthdate.
  • Elevated printing (signature, DOB).
  • UV mini-photo, DOB, Name, and “NC” laser perforation are on the back (visible when back-light).
  • The State Capitol and 724ID (May show or not).

Scannable features

  • There is a waterproof coating on the present license.
  • The front laminate features a state outline, state seal, “NC,” and “1775,” with a barcode and ICN (1D) at the top edge on the back.


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