8 Ways to Spot Arizona Fake IDs

How to Spot an Arizona Fake ID

So, let’s consider you are a doorman or bartender anywhere in downtown Arizona. You need to check people’s identity cards for validity; then, let’s discuss some key features that will help you spot actual Arizona licenses from the bogus ones.

Unless you are using a 724ID for fun, there is no face-saving when it comes to getting caught with one. Whether it’s a visual touch or need a light source and ports tilting action, you will find those features easily with our guidelines.

1. Duplicate Photo Space

This is a visual inspection, and essentially a ghost image is a smaller version of the original picture on the ID, just in a more translucent state.

The half-tone reproduction is usually set behind some font or print. Ghost images are usually coupled with a feature called overlapping.

It means that they will take different assets such as state seal, signatures, or the text itself of the ID, and it got to cross over into pictures or intersect with other different OVD to make sure that they cross at different points throughout the fake ID. Hence, it makes it extremely difficult for id card makers to reproduce.

The feature can not be used on every ID; there will be mixes and matches throughout different IDs.

2. Arizona Guilloche Pattern

Center of Arizona fake ID Guilloche Printing

It is a series of lines that intersect with each other making a laced type feature or a race lace-like ribbon look across the eye. It is a pattern of continuous lines that starts with at least two lines or more. They form branches and appears to make a lace-type look.

Arizona ID cards have a unique pattern of lines embossed using Guilloche printing technique. The sophisticated machinery required to achieve this in a counterfeit manner requires a very high budget. Not every fake ID maker can afford it. Bartenders are known for confiscating ids due to Low-quality aesthetic solutions & vector material.

3. Perforation of Arizona outline

Outline of Arizona’s map over duplicate photo of the cardholder.

There is a little area on the usual Arizona IDs or Driver licenses that are cut with a laser beam shot holes to make some shape. The Department Of Transportation & Vehicles of Arizona makes its map area resembling a shape over the person’s ghost image.

California has a bear on it, and it uses this same technique. These cone shapes are usually bigger at the top and narrow downs at the bottom. You can use a light source against the back of the ID to visually see the different designs that are cut with laser on the front of the IDs.

4. Laser Technique

The engraving feature of a laser cannot be removed chemically or mechanically without doing damaging the card. Hence it makes an ID tamper-proof. If your Arizona identification card misses professional engraving, then the chances of getting caught are high.

5. Overlay With Lamination

This needs you to tilt the card from different angles. The overlay is a thing protective film applied to the very front of the ID to protect it and incorporate a state seal or an OVD. Something along those lines that reacts as you turn and twist the ID will be able to see it.

6. Tactility of Arizona ID

Tactile DOB of Arizona cardholder.

Some features require you to touch the ID, and the physical appearance or feel of it will describe whether the license that you are holding is real or somebody is trying to make a fool out of you. Most 724ID cards getting caught lacks any tactile features even on the signature.

7. Embossing Techniques

The next feature is where they take a laser and raise the plastic on the ID’s front but not on the backside. That allows them to usually put the date of birth in a raised configuration across the front of the ID so you can feel it with your fingers and visually as well as it’s raised above the surface so you can see that it’s actually laser embossed.

8. Transparent UV

This is a little window through the center of the ID. It has a picture of the person printed right on it. The interesting thing about it is how it reacts when exposed to light. If a person looks straight into it, then they will see the transparent photo clearly, but if you take a flashlight to the unit, then the image itself will reverse, meaning that you’ll get a negative view of the image. So, the fake id providers have a difficult time reproducing this effect.


An establishment aims to ensure that the kid with a 724ID card or license does not go inside. Their business can come under scrutiny for serving minors. Arizona has toughened fake ID laws to restrict minors from indulging in alcohol. Any fake driver’s license will be put to the test.

The weight and flexibility of the identity cards matter and can play an important role in deciding its validity. One of the best features to determine a fake Arizona or real ID is to apply the bend test. Any valid ID should spring back into shape once you bend it. If the ID you applied the bend test to is fake, it will break up, or the laminate on the front will peel up, and that is a clear sign.

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