10 Ways to Spot a Florida Fake ID

Like all states in America, Florida is trying to curb the problem of Fake IDs. Forged IDs and driver licenses have been around for years. However, today’s fake IDs are realistic to the extent that the local police officers have to run the ID through specialized systems to conclude if the ID or license is real or bogus.

“I encounter about a dozen fake IDs every night while doing bar checks near university campuses,”says police Lt. James Mangan.

Fake ID cards are mainly purchased by minors to obtain entrance into clubs or purchase and consume alcohol.

For law enforcement officers, human resource professionals, bouncers, and other 724ID, the recent surge in forged IDs is perplexing.

They don’t just face the possibility of getting their license revoked but also monetary losses. Hence, catching a fake ID is a skill that the employees of these establishments must-have.

This article explains how a notary can catch a fake ID card and identify a phony ID cardholder. If the ID card presented to the authenticator is false, then the ID will undoubtedly fail in one of these ten ways of identification. 

Here are ten ways to spot a Florida fake ID

1. Observe the person who presents the ID

Expert notaries have a list of behavioral patterns. Almost every fake ID owner has behaved in a somewhat similar manner.

The Notary Suspects a Florida Fake License

  • They will look everywhere instead of directly facing the person who is checking their ID. 
  • Fake ID holders in Florida will try to converse with the person in authority, which is an attempt to divert the attention away from the ID.
  • The person usually talks in a high pitched tone due to anxiousness of getting caught.
  • Any 724IDholder will get angry if the person in authority asks them questions.

If the ID card authenticators see any of these behavioral patterns, they should be more vigilant when checking the card given to them.

2. Inspecting the surface of the Florida fake ID

A real Florida ID card has uniform edges and a sleek plastic surface. The checker should feel the card thoroughly. Fake or forged ID cards can have an irregular surface due to the layering of a photograph or an attempt to alter information on the card.

Layers of Difference

The layers of a real ID card are bonded in such a way that if someone tries to separate them, the card will be destroyed. If the bouncer feels that the card is fake, they should try to key it, if the layers dismantle the card is fake.

3. Check the alignment of the text on the card

On a real ID card, the information such as the ID card holder’s name, date of birth, and address are aligned in a column. This means that each row’s first letter will be in line with the row above it.

Many fake ID card makers miss these details, and this is the chance for the bouncers to catch phony ID holders. This method also works in spotting 724ID.

4. Signature & Font of a Florida Driver’s License

All information about the ID card holder on the Florida ID card is written in Arial Font. The font is bold. Fake ID card makers often use the wrong font, making it the perfect loophole for the authenticators to catch the phony ID.

The thickness and font format for every driver’s license in the USA is different and specific for each state. Florida identity cards come with varying signatures from person to person but the thickness & format of the texture remains the same.

5. The Bright Florida ID Holograms

If the hologram on the ID card is visible without moving the card, then the card is forged. A hologram on a real ID card will only appear when the card is moved.

Embedding a hologram on a card requires an expensive machine; hence replicating a hologram becomes difficult. The notary can easily 724ID by checking the holograms.

6. Scannable items on a Florida ID

The magnetic stripe on the ID card becomes invisible when a flashlight is shined on it. A barcode can also be verified by a sophisticated 7. For instance, if a bartender shines a light on one side of the ID card and does not see the light passing through the other hand, then it is fake.

7. The ‘R’ in Expire (Secret Florida Driver’s License Security Feature)

The R letter in the word ‘EXPIRES’ is a little different from that of a customarily written ‘R‘ letter. The bottom right leg of the ‘R‘ is cut off. This is a security feature which helps differentiate between fake and real ID cards.

8. The UV image on Florida ID card

Each license in the United States has a specific UV image that is not visible with the naked eye in normal light. It will only become apparent once UV light rays are shined on the card.


The UV image on the Florida ID card features a ghost image which can be seen on the bottom right of the card. Two bands run on the top right and bottom left side of the card. The band has ‘Florida‘ written on them.

Along with this, there is an alphanumeric code. The code will be FD, followed by the number, which is the last two digits of the cardholder’s year of birth.

For instance, the code on the card of individuals born in 1985 would be ‘724ID.’ If there is no UV image or the UV image does not have these elements, the ID card is fake. 

9. Physical Features

If the notary feels that everything checks out, but something feels wrong, then the notary should compare the physical features of the individual in front of them with those written on the card.

For instance, the height – teenagers often miss out on these details when they try to enter with their sibling’s ID card.

10. Ask Questions

There are some trick questions which the authorized person can ask, a real ID cardholder should be able to answer them correctly. Here are some of them:

  • Their star sign – Often fake ID cardholders don’t look out for such details. A person would never forget their star sign.
  • Birth Month – They’ve probably handed over a fake id card to ask the cardholder their birth month; if they reply in the number of months instead of the month name the authenticator.

Many other trick questions can be asked to catch fake ID holders as well. If the individual who gave the card gets angry when the notary asks questions, it’s probably because the individual is nervous.

Learning how to spot a fake ID card is a skill a bartender and bouncer must acquire. The skills help prevent losses and save a minor from committing an act that might destroy their careers and put their future at stake. 

However, this is becoming increasingly difficult as fake ID card makers make cards that are sometimes precisely like the real ones.

Fake ID cards are getting hard to identify as fake ID card makers have all the technology; they need to make the perfect duplicate.Bartender in Tampa Bay City

The problem seems to be ever-increasing, and the solution appears to be distant.

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