10 Popular Applications to Validate Identification Cards Online

With the rise of cybercrime and identity theft, many companies made identity verification their top priority across all levels of operation. However, as traditional methods of ID verification, such as UV light, magnification, watermark verification, and other forms of visual inspection, become obsolete various online apps have emerged to meet the growing market demand for reliable ID verification. 

In this guide, we’ll discuss what ID verification apps are and why they matter and provide you with a short review of the 10 most popular applications used to validate identification cards online.

What is a Fake Identification Card Verification Software?

ID verification apps are specifically designed to help companies, businesses, and other entities understand who their users are and verify the identities of said users to avoid fraud.

Unlike traditional methods, which mostly rely on visual inspections, ID verification software relies on cutting-edge technology, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and computer vision, to ensure accurate ID verification.  

Considering how the market of fake or 724ID is continuously expanding, it’s important for said companies to confirm whether their users are who they claim to be. In some cases, identity verification poses a legal requirement to meet compliance, privacy, and various anti-fraud regulations.

Top 10 Fake ID Scanners & Verification Services 2024

This section of our guide will provide you with a short review of some of the 724IDverification apps. 

1. Onfido

Onfido combines the power of artificial intelligence and the knowledge of identity experts to provide 724ID for a variety of use cases, including digitization compliance, customer acquisition, and fraud prevention. The software uses a combination of document verification and biometrics, covering more than 2,500 forms of identification from all 195 countries. 

The biometrics screen combines the Liveness verification method, which implies selfie verification. All the data points are then processed with artificial intelligence, which will point out any inconsistencies. Some authentications might be reviewed and processed by a human agent if necessary. 

Perhaps the most useful feature is the customer authentication system offered by the platform, which ensures that the right users are logging into their respective accounts. This feature is especially interesting to neo- and challenger banks and crypto exchanges. 

2. Jumio

Jumio offers a suite of identity verification services, including document verification, biometric facial recognition, and liveness detection, backed up by advanced artificial intelligence and more than a decade’s worth of human experience.

The platform is specifically designed to provide top-notch service and customer experience, as it can analyze more than 5,000 different types of documents. In addition to offering bank-grade security and compliance features, Jumio also allows users to verify identities, check addresses, ping government watchlists for various metrics, and calculate fraud risks, making it ideal for heavily regulated industries.

3. Trulioo

Trulioo is an identity verification platform that helps thousands of businesses and tens of millions of consumers transact safely and securely by providing real-time verification services. The platform relies on a vast network of data sources for verification, as it cross-references user-submitted information with trusted databases to validate an identity. 

The app package includes personal identification card verification, Anti Money Laundering screening, and business verification. Trulioo’s ID verification system can process nearly 12,000 different types of documents issued in 195 countries, all through a single API integration offered via a two-month subscription to the service.

4. Veriff

Veriff is a complete infrastructure for identity verification and trust online, driven by a leading AI technology. The service is among the industry leaders when it comes to ID verification, KYC automation, and identity fraud prevention, which allows businesses and agencies to comply with all the necessary regulations. 

Veriff is capable of verifying approximately 11,000 different document types, with a level of accuracy at which 95% of users are verified on the first try. Users are praising the platform as the fastest and easiest system to complete an ID check, but also the development team’s efforts towards constant improvement and innovation. 

Veriff is a great fit for organizations looking to confirm the identity of their clients, as it offers a range of features that cut down on the manual audit time and significantly reduce the misrepresentation risk.

5. Ondato

Ondato addresses all the strict regulations while operating in the payment industry, as the company provides ID verification for a variety of industries. The SaaS offers KYC and AML checkups, as well as 724ID, personal or business video and photo verification, and many other options. 

Ondato’s SaaS offering ships as a white-label service as well, which means that you can add your business’s branding on top of Ondato’s product. However, some users have pointed out that it isn’t impervious to deepfake technology, and it admittedly doesn’t have to be for document verification. 

6. ID.me

ID.me is somewhat different from the previously discussed apps and services because it acts as a digital identity network whose users only have to verify their identity once, and it will be readily accepted in any business or organization that’s supported by ID.me. 

This option does a fantastic job of simplifying identity verification for its members in more than 30 states, with 10 federal agencies and over 400 name-brand retailers. In addition, the service provides identity and community verification and authentication, and its technology is compliant with federal standards for consumer authentication. 

However, the service is only limited to the US, but it has a solid user experience and a variety of solutions as its upsides.

7. Token of Trust

Token of Trust was founded in 2015 as a result of its founder nearly falling victim to an online scam. Feeling compelled to create a better, safer way to prevent online fraud and facilitate a safer exchange of sensitive information, the founders of this platform came up with a solution. 

That solution, the Token of Trust, now offers government-issued ID verification, biometrics, social verification, and document scanning. Token of Trust is now widely used by businesses to reduce ID fraud and improve overall compliance through their API. The solution can be integrated in a way that suits your business, but we have to stress that these integrations might require some work.

8. Sumsub

Sumsub offers a comprehensive ID verification package, including AML and KYC features, as well as AI-powered biometric checks, OCR, and even faction recognition technologies to verify identities and detect potentially suspicious activities. 

The solution is used across a variety of different industries; fintech, online gaming, trading, crypto, transportation, and marketplaces are just a few we’ll name. Sumsub is praised for eliminating verification hurdles with easier integration and significantly decreasing fraud. 

Its user verification comprises ID verification, Liveness and Face match, address verification, and several different verification methods, including live agent video call, to ensure easy and safe use verification. Sumsub verifies over 14,000 documents from nearly all countries and territories worldwide, providing businesses with seamless solutions for onboarding users.

9. MemberCheck

MemberCheck is a fantastic risk management solution that provides KYC, CTF, and AML screening platforms for mid to large businesses, thus enabling them to comply with various regulations associated with their respective industries. 

ID verification is the software’s biggest selling point, as the process includes facial recognition and liveness detection, as well as two-step verification via SMS. This risk management solution is designed to streamline the customer onboarding process and thus caters to various sectors and industries, including insurance companies and financial institutions, crypto providers, accountants, and banks.

10. Avaloq/ACTICO

ACTICO’s identity verification tools are focused primarily on compliance, as well as reducing the risk of fraud, thus increasing its prevention. Its features include risk classification, sanctions and PEP screening, KYC profiling, and a whole selection of identity verification and anti-financial crime tools. 

However, the platform has been integrated with Switzerland-based Avaloq, an industry-leading provider of wealth management solutions for financial businesses, including private banks, wealth managers, retailers, and neo-banks. 

What to Look for in ID Verification Solutions?

If you’re still unsure about which ID verification solution to choose, here’s a list of useful features that a solution should have: 

  • Digital footprint scan: Each individual user comes to your landing page with a unique data set that allows you to extensively profile the user.
  • ID selfie video: Front-facing cameras have become increasingly popular for ID verification.
  • Biometrics: Distinguishing each user’s physical features is a good way of ensuring your business isn’t dealing with a fraudster or an identity thief. The technology is still somewhat unreliable, but it’s constantly improved upon. 


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Our novelty products feature all the necessary fine detail, including UV strips, 2D codes, layered imaging, and even magnetic strips, making them indistinguishable from real identification cards and driver’s licenses.

While novelty ID cards obtained from 724ID are great for passing visual inspections and physical scanners, they’re not really suitable for identity verification methods associated with financial institutions or large-scale businesses with comprehensive identification verification solutions.

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