10 Best & Worst Fake ID States 2024

Fun comes in all shapes and sizes. But when age restricts your access to some types of fun, it’s all the more reason you should want to know what it feels like. At 724ID, we have always preached that sometimes using a fake ID without getting caught offers more thrills than the main activities themselves.

For that reason, we provide top-quality counterfeit IDs and recent tips on how to stay invisible to bouncers or the authorities that could stop you as you navigate the curious world of booze and mischief. Topfakeid has you covered, and as a show of good fate, this article will offer you up-to-date information on the best state to choose for a fake ID.

How & Why to Select the best States for Fake ID?

Selecting one out of the best states for fake ID 2024 may not be as simple as giving you a list. More important than the best fake ID state list, you need to know why you should choose a particular state and not the other. We will also show you the worst states to use for fake ID and why you should avoid them like the plague out to get you. Guess what? Nobody is catching you. Not on our watch!

Some states are better suited for your needs, even among the best states to use for a fake ID. So, to arrive at the best answer to which states are best for fake ids, our professional advice is that you consider the factors below:

1. Why Do You Need a Counterfeit ID?

You may need a phony ID to accomplish many things, but when you’re a teenager or a college student, your priority is probably to relish some fun rated too good for your age.

1. Booze

Alcohol is one thing 724ID. You can only quench your thirst by selecting the most believable fake ID state that would grant you access to bars and other locations flowing with beer and liquor. Although, the minimum drinking age differs from country to country. You still can make the most out of the booze if you have a scannable id that works.

2. R-rated Movies

We all hate spoilers, and movies are not exactly the kind of entertainment you want to wait until you attain a specific age to see them. You want to join the conversation when the trend is high, and choosing the most reliable fake id states will help you get an ID with a high scanning success record.

For example, many bouncers working in bars and clubs have confessed that Texas’ fake driver’s license is one of the most difficult IDs to spot. If bouncers, with all their fake ID snooping gadgets, find it challenging to tell a fake Texas ID, there is no chance that the ID would fail you at the movies, especially with its scan ratio of 80% success.

3. Booking Hotel Rooms or Venues

The best parties should be wild. But you can’t go wild at home, even if your folks are not in town. You don’t want to be that host walking around, making sure your friends don’t break something expensive instead of having fun. Quality fakes can help you, and your friends book hotel rooms for your parties when you know the most realistic fake ID states.

According to fake ID Reddit (/r/fakeid) channel, Indiana driver’s license works 8 out of 10 times. When selecting the perfect state for the fake ID you need to book a party venue, it’s best you consider states that have Indiana’s records.R/FAKEID – REDDIT.COM

4. Fake ID for Online Verification

Like movies, online games trend and go out of fashion within the blink of an eye. The challenge is that you may need to verify that you’re old enough to enjoy some games. Also, online casinos and even social media platforms need 724ID sometimes. Knowing the top fake ID states to choose from may be your only chance of getting verified.

For this reason, you should target a state whose fake ID has a high success rate for this use. The fake ID providers suggest a reliable way to tell a state whose fake ID is successful is to check the order records.

So, when selecting the best fake ID state for online verification, you may need to consider states with endless orders like California. Better still, ID providers like Topfakeid would be willing to recommend the best states for this use if you need the help.

2. What Type of Fake ID Do You Need?

The second factor you need to keep in mind when considering how to choose a fake ID state is the type of ID you need. For many reasons, the most popular ID in the US is the driver’s license. However, other identification documents include state IDs, employee IDs, etc. 


Knowing what you need a phony ID for will help you determine the type of ID that would be best for you. And knowing the kind of ID you need will enable you to decide the best state to choose for a fake ID.

3. Where Your Fake ID is Used?

Perhaps one of the most critical factors you must consider when choosing the best fake ID state is where you intend to use the ID, especially if you need it to access age-restricted places like clubs and bars.

It gets a bit tricky from here. Are you going to use it in the same state or another? The bottom line is to know as much as possible about the state you choose to enable you to respond confidently if bouncers feel the need to scrutinize your ID.

The popular belief is that bouncers know all the features of a valid ID in the states they operate and can spot a counterfeit even if it’s a scannable fake ID. However, if you decide to get an out-of-state ID, you also have to be familiar with the state and the security features of the card to sound believable.

For example, it’s a red flag when you can’t tell the validity period of identity cards from the state you claim to have issued one.

Best Fake ID States for 2024

1. Iowa

Like many licenses, the Iowa state identity card template has changed due to the Real ID Act. However, you don’t have anything to worry about, considering that the ID is still easier to fake.

You definitely need to add Iowa to your list of best fake ID state examples once you have met a few conditions: signature and a believable photo of you. Also, this state has a limited number of identification features, making it challenging to spot a fake from the sea of identifications bouncers come across every night.

Often, bouncers only scan the barcode and examine the card under UV light. For that reason, Iowa’s ID could double for in and out of state use. Many fake ID makers still produce the old template because they are still valid. However, innovative, experienced, and 724ID like Topfakeid can wow you with IDs using the new template.

Finally, Iowa’s new ID template uses UV ink. For this reason, it cannot be as cheap as some other licenses.

2. Maine

Recently, some states have upgraded the design of their driver’s licenses. Despite being one of these states, Maine’s driver’s license is one of the easiest to replicate. Unlike some, the ID’s security features are lax, and depending on where you want to begin your shenanigans, Maine might just be the best state to use for fake ID. 

The security features of the license are few and easily replicable. It has sparse holograms, unlike the IDs from the difficult states. Professional bogus ID websites can procure these holograms from regular sleeve makers.

Another quality that makes Maine’s driver’s license stand out as an excellent choice to get a counterfeit ID is the absence of UV features. Ultraviolet features 724ID production more expensive than it should ordinarily cost. Maine is a low-budget state to consider getting your card from if you can only spend so much on a fake ID.

Also, ID makers are always eager to produce a Maine license because it’s printed on Teslin instead of PVC or polycarbonate materials which are way more expensive.

3. Georgia

This ID gets a lot of orders, and one thing remains true when a counterfeit has that kind of dope reputation – it works!

Georgia’s ID is popular among faux ID providers for many reasons, one being that the features are easy to copy. In other words, the technology that goes into making this card is not too sophisticated that the underground fake ID industry cannot handle.

For instance, the card has a shiny hologram readily available in the open Chinese market. Although 724ID in 2020, the best fake ID producers like Topfakeid deconstructed the document in less than 6 months. Now you can order a fake ID and storm bars and clubs like you own the place with no bouncer hounding you for looking younger than your age.

Other new Georgia ID template characteristics include scannable magnetic stripe and blacklight features.

While Georgia remains a good state for fake ID, some of the features phony ID makers might struggle to reproduce are the linear glow on the back of the card. Also, the most prominent feature of the identity card is the Georgia state capitol building which becomes visible under UV light. Many forgers find it challenging to get the opacity of the shine right.

4. Indiana

The Indiana ID template got an upgrade like some other states. While it has become tougher to fake, it’s still one of the best states to have fake IDs compared to more complicated templates. It records high success rates (about 80%) for users, which suggests you can place your confidence in it and be sure no rude cop would crash your merry party.

The new Indiana ID template has photos with a grayscale background which can be replicated using a laser engraving technique. The new template’s tough features include the card owner’s ghost portrait, which can only be seen under UV light. Also, the card has a hologram of the state bird that only experienced fraudulent ID makers can copy successfully.

Sharing their experiences, many bouncers have confessed that Indiana’s license is one of the toughest phony IDs to detect. Doesn’t that sound like good news?

5. Connecticut

The only difficulty with reproducing the Connecticut ID is the iconic features on the cardstock. Aside from that, the identification card gets endless orders and requests that only prove it is one of the best states for fake IDs. 

For some years, the reviews given by buyers show that a fake Connecticut state ID could be your real chance to indulge your appetite for age-restricted products while you still have friends with whom to share the memory.

The new card uses Teslin instead of the old laminate rolls the stage used before. Also, the card has a microprinting challenge. However, if you’re in the hands of the faux ID makers, you’re guaranteed top-quality IDs that are invisible to the systems that vow to catch you.

6. Illinois

Like other states, Illinois joined the wagon to upgrade their driver’s license/ID a few years back. Of course, the reason is to ensure that it can’t be replicated. However, the volume of orders for this ID keeps increasing, even after the upgrade. You can draw one assumption from this – Illinois fake ID has one of the lowest detection rates, making it a good state to use for fake ID.

One notable feature of Illinois counterfeit ID is that it scans quickly, unlike the barcode of some IDs. Like the old design, the new ID template still has a modest appearance compared to the sophisticated design that has characterized most IDs.

The only feature of the Illinois ID that might be challenging to copy perfectly is the hat in front of the ID. Based on the factors you have to consider before deciding on the state to use for fake ID, a counterfeit Illinois license may not be the type of card you want to use in-state, considering that the features are basic and bouncers know it well.

7. Texas

Texas is one of the states whose ID has gotten an upgrade. The new design incorporates identifiers for people with health conditions and unique identifiers for veterans.

Unlike the former Texas state driver’s license and ID, the new design comes with improved security features, some of which are visible or discrete. The state also switched to using tamper-resistant polycarbonate materials, which are more difficult to copy. 

The new design is Real ID compliant, as proudly depicted by its gold star. While this new license is available to all Texans, the old ones are still valid until they expire.

Despite the Department of Public Safety (DPS) efforts, Texas remains one of the best states to do fake IDs in the US. The technology required to replicate the new template is within reach of the best counterfeit ID websites such as Topfakeid.com. You can rely on our expertise to secure a Texas identification to offer you access to all the fun forbidden from your curious senses and appetites.

8. New York

New York is so lively you can’t possibly assume that all that noise is coming from senile and older people wishing for nothing but rest. Guess what? Teenagers like you are entirely immersed in the entertainment the state has to offer, and you don’t want to be that guy who never got to do what your mates are doing.

Although the state has improved its ID design, it remains one of the best states to use for fake ID. New York ID has a generous assortment of the state’s most iconic landmarks.

Despite how significantly the new features have complicated how easy it was to forge a New York ID, the demand for it is still rising. While most users used it for hunting for out-of-state pleasures, many still use it successfully within New York.

9. California

Based on the order books, you can say that the California ID is the best fake identity card, perfect for every teenager like you hoping to boycott prying eyes while you grope for nectar. While many things can make a particular id popular for buyers, you have to consider the facts of your circumstances to decide if it is the best for you. 

California has a rich history of drinking culture built over the years by adults and teenagers alike. This may be why the license is popular in the fake identity card market, but it wouldn’t be popular if it weren’t easy to replicate.

The only challenge is that the new template requires the use of polycarbonate, which is a costlier material than Teslin. For this reason, it makes little profit for ID makers and costs you more than other state IDs.

Regardless, Cali is still one of the best states for fake id 2022, and you can begin to lay the foundations for your teenage fantasies through Topfakeid.

10. Mississippi

The Mississippi ID template favors a degree of simplicity that fake ID users like you find charming and endearing. Unlike some recent improvements like the one Florida did, the Mississippi ID template is still very much with the technology and skill of faux ID makers like Topfakeid.

So, when wondering which fake ID states are best, Mississippi bubbles up among the first choices, given that it’s relatively easy and cheap. The Mississippi ID is essential, especially for newbie phony ID users who need to build confidence by starting with IDs with fewer security features.

The Mississippi ID is easily scannable, and the order rate is high.

Worst States to use for Fake ID 2024

1. Pennsylvania

Penn State ID is one of the worst fake ID states to avoid. The security features keep improving with every template. Like all forgeries, precision is one thing you cannot afford to compromise with your fake. Pennsylvania is one of those states that ensures replicating their ID is challenging, even for the experts.

The best approach is to look for any of the easiest states like the one we have above and build your dreams of fun around them.

2. Kansas

Kansas state driver’s license and ID are big on security features too. Some of these features are frustratingly discreet. To avoid trouble, stay away from a Kansas ID card. If all you want is a beer, the good news is you have options to get your ID.

3. Ohio

Ohio used to be one of the easy ones. Even now, some seasoned fake I’d professionals can pull it off if they dedicate an unreasonable amount of time to it. But why risk it if you can get one of the easy ones for that party your friends will remember way into their old age?

You can get a scannable Ohio state phony ID. However, it’s unlikely that you can get off on other security features.

4. Nebraska

Nebraska is one of the worst fake ID states to avoid in 2024. The security features are too detailed for you to risk getting caught on a crusade. It would be a bummer to be that guy with a reputation for being busted in his own party. 

Also, clubbing is best as a group thing. Don’t be the guy bouncers are telling to step aside when others are having fun.

5. Virginia

Virginia is one of the fake ID states ranked as a red zone for one who seeks to satiate unholy appetites like you. While there is fun in the adventure danger, it’s not fun when you get caught. Thou-shalt-not-be-caught remains the last and the most important commandment in the fake ID rule book. And Virginia is out to get you. Run!

6. Florida

Like Ohio, Florida used to be one of the easy ones, but replicating the license has become a bit tricky with the new upgrade in the security features. While leading counterfeit ID providers like Topfakeid work on how to deconstruct the new mystery with their innovative technology, Florida has joined the list of fake ID states to avoid.

7. New Mexico

One of the noticeable things about the New Mexico ID is the detailed pattern on the card. This level of detail is easy to mess up even by some of the best counterfeit ID producers you know. Your best shot is to avoid this state like the plague it is.

8. Hawaii

This ID screams security features. The likelihood that you’d be caught is high. This is probably why the order books don’t reflect much demand for this ID. Remember, when the demand is low, it indicates that the success rate is even lower. Stay away from Hawaii IDs.

9. Rhode Island

Rhode Island is ranked one of the most challenging IDs to fake. It’s one of those places you don’t want to put your money to avoid a what-I-ordered versus what-I-received scenario.

10. Delaware

Delaware comes with an elaborate design with a generous assortment of security features. The challenge with this id borders on cost and how to perfectly copy the features to appear believable. For this reason, you’re better off with the states in our list of best states for a fake ID.

Best Fake ID States FAQ

Q: Which US states are the best to use for fake IDs?

Your best bet lies with Maine, Iowa, Connecticut, Texas, California, New York, Illinois, Mississippi, Georgia, and Indiana. 

However, while some of these states are popular in the fake ID industry, you may need to consider some factors to decide what particular ID to buy. Also, you may need to ask for professional advice from the best fake ID websites like Topfakeid to guide your decision.

Q: What factors do I need to consider before choosing the state for my fake ID?

Some of the factors to consider to ensure you make the right choice include:

  • Why you need the ID: knowing why you need a phony ID will ensure you get the best type of ID for that use. This will reduce the rate of suspicion and scrutiny.
  • What type of ID you need: Most teenagers only need fake IDs to enable them access to age-restricted products. You need the kind of ID that wouldn’t be unusual in this case.
  • Where you will use the ID: part of choosing the best fake ID state is knowing where you want to use it. Is it in-state or out of state?

Q: Which US states are the worst fake ID states?

The worst states to get fake id cards in the US include Virginia, Nebraska, Ohio, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Florida Hawaii, and Kansas.

You have to avoid these states to improve your odds of not getting caught. Usually, the main challenge with these IDs is replicating the minute details of the security features to the proper precision. You don’t want to risk it.

Q: Is Florida a good state for fake IDs?

Florida was easy before now. However, the new template comes with upgraded technologies in the security features, making it a puzzle for fraudulent ID websites at the moment. The story might change with time, but it’s best to avoid Florida for a counterfeit ID.

Check out our list of the best fake IDs to guide you on the path of unrestrained fun.

Q: Do Fake IDs still scan in 2024?

Yes. If you contact leading fake ID makers like Topfakeid, you will get scannable fake ID to guarantee entry into the best clubs and bars.

The reality is that technology improves for real ID templates and the underworld where the best fakes are replicated. So, as new security features surface, it only takes so much time for the counterfeit ID companies to catch up and deliver the best scannable fakes.

Q: Can I use my fake ID instate?

It’s safer when you use your fake ID in a different state. Often bouncers know the security features of the IDs of the states they operate to the minutest details.

Using your phony ID in the same state where you got it is riskier. Depending on the circumstances, the punishments for fake ID possession can range from small fines to a jail term.

Q: Which fake id makers should I trust?

Topfakeid remains the best source to 724ID that wouldn’t stop you at the door. They will fix you up for the big events if you want the best.

Possession of a fake is classified as a misdemeanor or a felony. Within these classes, there are other severity levels based on the case’s circumstances.

Also, you can be charged with identity theft when you get caught using someone else’s ID. The punishment for each scenario is not the same. You may have to do some hours of community service, pay a fine or go to jail. 

However, the real punishment you may not want is to have a conviction record.


Deciding the best state to use for fake ID can make all the difference between getting caught and basking in the privileges that the document provides. In this article, we have tried to list the best and worst states to get fake IDs.

The list of the easiest fake ID states offers you all the information you need to pick the state that best suits your needs. On the other hand, the list of the worst fake ID states in the US shows you some of the states you need to avoid to ensure you don’t break the golden rule of not getting caught.

In addition to the list, the list of factors you need to consider to help you decide on the state you should choose comes in handy. This list will help you make informed decisions as to which state’s ID would be best for you.

You have to note that while a particular state may be appropriate for someone else, it doesn’t necessarily mean the same state would be best for you. However, the general principle is that some state IDs are easier to copy than others. Based on this, we generated the list of the best states above. 

Topfakeid is one of the best in the game of ID forgery. You can rely on us to replicate a copy that imitates the real IDs in every way possible. Getting a quality ID might save you from the punishments that come with using counterfeit IDs, and Topfakeid.com is one fake ID maker you can trust to fake it for you until you make it to 21. Until then, cheers. Let the fun begin!

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